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MONTEMURRS, is a small home-based cattery located in Richmond Hill, Ontario. It started with a love story of the two most adorable pure bred Scottish Folds, Caesar and Matilda. The pleasure of watching them play, looking into their innocent eyes and touching their silky fur was absolutely endless. Without a doubt, I quickly fell in love with the couple, knowing that I became the owner of the most beautiful Scottish Folds.

Since then, many things in our household have changed dramatically – if you think you own your cat, you are wrong – they own you! Miraculously they manipulate your mind and dictate their way of life. But believe it or not, little by little you start to accept their rules and even start to enjoy this new-found way of life.

After attending a cat show and receiving an overwhelmingly positive response from the judges and other breeders alike, I have decided to spread the joy of these lovable creatures to others by starting my own cattery. So, we ended up with a couple more cats, both Scottish Straights, and on a new path of running a cattery.

I have to thank Juliya Lipkina, the owner and founder of Superfold Cattery, for trusting me with her pets, for mentoring me with exceptional patience and integrity. Without her support, I would have probably never found the courage to start breeding these wonderful creatures.

Another big thank you is to my dear mother, who despite her respectable age of 84 is always there to give me a hand. I also want to thank my husband who has been enjoying this journey with me.

At the moment, Montemurrs is committed to producing the kittens in the popular Silver and Golden colors with all kinds of Tabby patterns – Classic, Mackerel, Spotted, Ticked (shaded) and Patched (Tortoiseshell or Tortie). Our stand-alone line is the gorgeous Color Points, cats with light colored coats, seal faces and blue eyes.

There is no caging in our cattery, our cats and kittens are treated as Royalty that they are! To meet our graduates, please check our Photo Gallery .


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Elena Montian


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