What is coming in Summer-Fall 2019


If you are interested in the upcoming litter and agree with our Terms & Conditions you may want to secure your spot for $200 (non refundable) that will be counted towards a sale price

  • Contact us first by submitting an Adoption Application
  • Once approved, you can proceed with a prepayment
  • Confirmation will be sent to your email address along with your order number
  • No expiry date, your satisfaction is a priority for us

Couple 1 – Litter N arrived on Sep 20th, 2019!

Expected Colors: Silver, Gold, Color Point

Expected Pattern: Classic Tabby, Ticked/Shaded

Ears: Fold, Straight

Couple 2 – Proposed mating

Expected Colors: Gold, Brown, Color Point

Expected Pattern: Classic Tabby

Ears: Fold, Straight




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